Information doesn’t print in the right place on the wallet cards


1. In the Wallet Card screen, click the red [EDIT Card Layout…] button.

2. When the Open dialog box is displayed, make sure the Account Name is EDIT.

3. For Password, type 911EDIT, all one word, all uppercase, then click [OK].

4. Use the [Browse] button at the bottom of the screen to change from Browse to Layout mode.  A grid is displayed over the fields on the card.

5. Select fields and move them as needed.

6. To print a test sheet in Layout mode, hold down [Ctrl] and press [P], then click [Save] to save the changes before printing.

7. For the test sheet, in the Print dialog box, make sure the Print field is set to Records being browsed and Print range is set to Pages from 1 to 1, then click [OK].

8. Continue moving selected fields as needed and printing test sheets until the layout is correct.

9. When the layout is correct, use the [Layout] button at the bottom of the screen to change from Layout to Browse mode.

10. If prompted, click [Save] to save the changes.

The grid is removed.  Click the red [RESET to Operate] button, and continue with the steps to print student cards.
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