I need to schedule automated backup on the server.

Create backup directory

1. Create target directory for backup.  For example, driveletter:/FMS_BACKUP/, where driveletter is a different, locally attached drive on the same server, and FMS_BACKUP is the name of the new backup directory.

2.  Specify newly created backup directory
Note: end path with / (forward slash) whenever in FMS Admin.


Schedule backup task

3.      In the details pane (on right), choose the Task Scheduling icon.

4.      In the Task Scheduling dialog box, specify the following:

  • Task Scheduling Assistant
  • Backup Databases
  • All databases (if dedicated server)
  • Databases in (if server hosts other FM db) and specify the db files to be backed up
  • target folder to place backup (path syntax ends with /)
  • scheduled task name
  • task periodicity & frequency
5. After the task is created, use Schedules in the scope pane (on left) to review the list of scheduled tasks.
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