Top 10 reasons to use TC Command

Top 10 reasons to use TC Command at your Training Center:


10. TC Command is a powerful, yet easy-to-use software program designed specifically for the needs of ECC Training Centers,that organizes and simplifies data management.

9. TC Command is powered by the latest version of the best-selling industry favorite, FileMaker Pro 11.

8. Instructors can input registration and other information from the field allowing TCs to keep important data all in one place.

7. It's Microsoft Windows 7 compliant.

6. TC Command  makes printing professional, personalized course cards easy.

5. The new 'tool tip' feature explains many screen icons and new functions.

4. TC Command includes pre-formatted letters and promotional tools.

3. Easy templates can be used to create professional documents and reports.

2. Package includes 60 days of free tech support.

1. Over 1,000 TCs across the country are already using TC Command or its predecessor WorldPoint ONE.


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