Roster Import Tool FAQ

Roster Tool Importing


The Instructor Roster Tool provides for 3 points of communication between Instructors and the TC regarding a course.


1. The instructor can NOTIFY the TC of the intent to run a class.


2. The TC can enter that notification into the Course Registration module and send back to the instructor a confirmation with class number assigned. (It is not necessary for the instructor to have the class number to run the class.)


3. The instructor submits the final email with student attachment. Alternatively, the instructor could just submit a final email with student attachment.


Either way, the TC needs to register in the class to the Course Registration module and assign a class number FIRST. The student attachment is named with the general type of course (BLS, ACLS, FA, PALS, MISC, ONLINE) followed by the lead instructor ID, and underscore and the date, underscore and the time. i.e. This attachment should be saved from the email into a central location (a WPONE_Imports folder is provided inside the WorldPoint_ONE_Solution_V2 directory for this purpose).


1. Go to the appropriate student module and select Import/Exports from the module menu.


2. Clicking on the import button brings up the typical file location dialog. Maneuver around until you locate the attachment and open. This imports the student data.


3. A counter below on the screen tells you how many were imported.


4. Select the correct class definition from the pop-down list and click the UPDATE button. This connects the students to the class as if you manually made the selection.


5. Go to the Data Entry Screen and all are there, ready to process

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