2010 Rollout Card Modifications

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2010 Rollout Card Modifications

Requirements for the new BLS cards issued in late March 2011 include adding the TC Number and the Instructor Net number of the lead instructor in the class.


Adding TC Number:

The simplest way is by editing the card layout and hard coding the TC number onto the card. Once you have accessed the layout mode, on your left you should find the vertical gray tool bar, with the tool pallet. (If it is not exposed, go up to the view menu and choose status toolbar)

Select the A symbol from the tool pallet and click over to the right of the box labeled Sponsor with Phone. An insertion ][ marker will appear, type in your TC Number. Then click off the text anywhere to set it. You can edit the font, size, etc. by clicking ONCE on the text, watch the 4 box handles appear around the text and select from the menu bar the formatting choices.
You can move the TC Number around by using the up/down/left/right arrows on your keyboard once you have selected the text and the four handles appear.


Adding Instructor Number:

The simplest way is by adding the instructor number into the instructor record.You have several choices but the simplest is using the EXT box after the last name in the Instructor Data Entry screen. This box will expand to accept the number and we suggest you place it there.You will need to reselect the lead instructor for classes being printed on the new cards to ensure this change is updated.



Version 3 of TC Command will be launched later this month and will make these changes automatic and offer many new and enhanced options.

Keep a lookout for this new and powerful upgrade.

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