Reset Activation for TCC Roster Tool

TC Command uses Safe Activation Server Licensing to release or restore a license with a button click in your application. This option makes it very easy for a user to activate on one computer, then securely release the license and activate and use it on another computer. The user can release and restore a license between computers by simply clicking a button.  To activate the release command screen, hold down your OPTION Key and the OS Symbol Key while launching the program.


Alternatively if the computer running your license is not connected to the Internet a user can access the Release or Restore web pages to manually enter or receive Block and Unblock Codes using another computer. To use this feature, the links below will provide you the function.


License Release Page:


License Restore Page:


Safe Activation tracks the number of active licenses to enforce the maximum number of active licenses assigned to a Serial Number. If a license is activated and later released, that license is available for use on another computer.

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