The process of recovering a file should first be done on a machine which has FileMaker Pro 9 installed and the corrupted data file should be brought to that machine to be worked on, NOT over a network.


1. Launch WorldPoint ONE, but when you get to the Main Menu, do not click any buttons.  If a dialog pops up about the corrupted file, click CANCEL.

2. Go up under the FILE menu and locate the RECOVER command.  Up will pop a file manager type window asking you to locate the file to recover.  The TC2_BLSCPR.fp7 file should be located in the C:\WorldPoint_ONE_Solution_V2\WPONE_DATA directory. Find the file and click OK.

3. It will ask you if the name (File name with Recovered appended) is OK, say yes.  When it goes through the full recovery it will tell you so.  This may be a lengthy procedure.

4. Once the file has finished recovering, QUIT the program by going up under the FILE MENU and choosing EXIT.

5. Once the file is recovered, first the damaged file must be renamed to something other than TC2_BLSCPR.fp7, perhaps add the word OLD at the end.

6. Then locate the file with the word RECOVERED after the TC2_BLSCPR and rename it back to just TC2_BLSCPR.

7. This should re-align the files and all should be fine when you run it the next time.


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