World Point One Version Below 1.06

 IF YOUR VERSION is 1.20 or higher, this upgrade is NOT for you!


Be SMART! - Be SAFE! Back-UP Your Data Files before any updating!


<< CLICK HERE >> to Download upgrade Instructions PDF and What's NEW! information

Single User Version
    Network Version

QUICK START Guide for v1.06

FULL MANUAL for v1.06


WINDOWS Upgrade v1.06

If, in the rare situation you find that the FileMaker Pro engine is crashing during your update, quit the update and refer to page 5 of the upgrade instructions ABOVE for guidance.


(This will not upgrade the single user version)


Network-Enabled WINDOWS Upgrade V1.06

Special note to systems with FileMaker SERVER:
The files will need to be brought down from the server to a local machine with FileMaker Pro 7v3 on it, have the update run and then replace the files on the server.


The upgrade below is ONLY for those computers

with the NCP installed, as clients on a network.

It only updates the plug-ins used to assist the program.

Network-Client WINDOWS Upgrade V1.06

 Critical Info Please Read!

In addition to this upgrade to WorldPoint ONE, it is critical that you also update the FileMaker Pro 7 data engine to 7.0v3 as well. Please check version by going up to the Help menu and selecting About FileMaker Pro.

Windows users will also find a 7.0v3a patch to apply after the 7.0v3 updater.  This will improved the speed of pop-down lists in the program.

• Download the updaters for FileMaker Pro 7v3 and 7v3a HERE , go to previous versions for FileMaker Pro 7 and save them to your local hard drive.

• If your Windows operating system does not automatically unzip this file, you will need to do so.

• Once unzipped it will create a updater folder which contains an setup.exe file to execute.

• Run this file by double-clicking on it and locating your copy of FileMaker Pro 7 in your program files directory, if asked.

• You will need your original CD#1 from your WorldPoint CD Set to complete this procedure.


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