World Point One Version 2.1 Update for ALL Version 2 Users ONLY

1. This Version updater is REQUIRED for all Version 2 users who want to accept
electronic data from our New WorldPoint Roster Tool (v2.1) and...
2. Added features to student modules to assist with multiple class registrations simultaneously.
3. Enhanced reporting options for instructors
4. Improved e-mail communications
5. many other improvements “under the hood”...


To start your download please make sure to click "Save As" not "Open" when downloading the files below. 

  • Download Quick Start
  • Download User Guide


    Click HERE to download a PDF of the Installation instructions and changes in V2.1


    Click HERE to download a installer for Single- and Mini-Network users on Windows XP-SP2 and VISTA


    Click HERE to download a installer for updating Windows Server 2003-hosted files


    Click HERE to download a installer for OSX


    Click HERE to download a installer to update V2 Network Client installations for Windows



    1. Prior to download, make sure WorldPointONE is Quit/Exited.

    2. Save into you’re my Documents Folder/directory.

    3. Located the downloaded file and double-click to install.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FULL ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS.
    4. A desktop icon will be created.
    5. Double-click and follow on screen directions.

    6. After updating, all custom adjustments for card layouts and other modifications will have
to be recreated by user.  Additional courses that you have added will need to be re-entered.

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